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DigitalSheets.BestPeople.ca Digital Collage Sheet How to make collage sheet
Make your own
Digital Collage Sheet
for Fun or Profit.
First time here? Please read the short instruction on the page bottom.
Step 1
For Square and Round images check the Image Shape you want to make. You will select the Image Size when you make a collage sheet.

Scrabble Tile:   

For Rectangular and Oval images check the Image Size you want to make. You have to make the image in every size you need.




Heart Shape:

Step 2
Upload an Image  (Max 5MB. JPEG (JPG), BMP, PNG images are allowed.)

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Making digital collage sheets has never been so easy!

You do not need Photoshop or GIMP any more. You do not need blank templates. You need nothing... With help of the website DigitalSheet by BestPeople.ca you are now on.

Make your own sheet for fun or profit. Instantly make PDF sheets for easy printing. Download and print.

So Let’s start.
But before you start making your first digital sheet I would like to give you one advice.

If you came as a Guest (you can see your status on the top left page corner) you will not be able to save your uploaded images and created sheets after registration. If you would like just to try how it works, download one image, make one new image with any shape and size, and create the collage sheet with one image only.

Like your created sheet and how easy it is? Please register, add credits to your account, and enjoy. (You can add credits to your account after registration in My cabinet -> My Ballance)

Read full detail instruction how it works.
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